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As a very satisfied customer of Western Hygiene I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for them.Western Hygiene have been our hygiene partner for over 30 years.
We find them to be ahead in the hygiene market in many ways with their innovations and super quality products, so when they introduced their new ThomilMatic Trio Laundry System to us we were interested.
The challenges we had in our laundry at the time were:
  • Rewashing up to 40% of white towels due to:
fake tan
make up
body fluids
  • Washing cycles were taking 60 minutes to complete
  • Water temperatures were being heated to 60 degrees
Western Hygiene promised us significant improvements in all these areas along with better results and this is what we found:
  • They eliminated the need for rewashing;
  • Our towels have become softer;
  • Our wash cycles have been reduced from 60 to 30 minutes;
  • Our wash temperatures have been reduced from 60 to 30 degrees;
  • The laundry detergent is now an enzyme.
 This means our towels are now clean in one wash, are fresher and have a very pleasant fragrance.We have reduced costs significantly in water usage, energy and labour time.The system works perfectly for us and definitely has had a visual and positive effect on our business and what’s more important our customers’ satisfaction.It’s another great solution for us from Western Hygiene and is the reason why we vote for them as a supplier year after year.”

Thank you, Western Hygiene!

Sincerely, Sheelagh Flannery
Imperial Hotel,

Eyre Square, Galway


The Cellar Bar, Eglinton Street, Galway


I needed a smooth operating cost-efficient warewashing system that produces great results so I decided to install Dr.Weigert warewash system from Western Hygiene at my premises. Since then I can rest easy knowing that someone else is responsible for this system and the system itself is responsible for the excellent cleanliness.We have been with Dr.Weigert for a while now and I along with my staff are absolutely pleased with the outstanding success where spot free and sparkling glassware is required. There’s no need for additional glass polishing now. This saves us huge amount of labour time.Western Hygiene along with their Dr.Weigert warewash products and systems is everything I was looking for in a cleaning supply company. They’re committed to customer service from top to bottom.


Elaine, Restaurant Manager
l'Ecrivain Restaurant
109a Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.


The Cellar Bar, Eglinton Street, Galway

We achieve excellent cleaning results using the Dr Weigert warewashing system installed by Western Hygiene. The results speak for themselves, no re-washing to remove stubborn tea, coffee and food stains. The performance of this system achieves optimised cleaning results, is less labour intensive and maximises cost efficiency. We received full technical support during the installation process, staff training and excellent on-going after care and service.

Martin Proulx,
The Cellar Bar,
Eglinton Street, Galway.


____________________________________________________________________________________ Shannon Aerospace

We have found Western Hygiene a very professional company to work with. They clearly understand our business requirements and provide cost effective hygiene and industrial products and solutions for our company. They provide us with an exceptional delivery service which is backed up with helpful and courteous customer service, sales and delivery service. I would rate Western Hygiene very highly as a supplier and all dealings have been dealt with utmost professionalism.


Sean Kennedy,
Shannon Aerospace,
Shannon Airport, Co Clare


O'Grady's on the Pier, Barna, Co Galway

We are very impressed with Dr Weigert warewashing system installed by Western Hygiene. Since it was installed we have noticed a great improvement in cleanliness of both glassware and kitchenware. The glasses come out crystal clear with no streaks so no polishing is needed and our dishes are supremely clean - no need to rewash. That makes a lot of tasks less labour intensive as well as cost effective.

We received full training on how to use the system effectively together with all important technical support and on going after care. Dr Weigert warewashing system is what every busy restaurant, bar and kitchen should have and all of us here in O' Grady's would highly recommend it.

Karolina Gajewska,
Restaurant Assistant Manager
O'Grady's on the Pier,
Seapoint, Barna, Co Galway


Aut Even Hospital

We find Western Hygiene a very professional company to work with. Their sales representative clearly understands our requirements and has provided cost effective hygiene products and solutions for our company. This is backed up with helpful customer service, sales and delivery staff.

Lucy Dwyer,
Aut Even Hospital Ltd,
Freshford Road, Kilkenny